Monday, November 12, 2012

Another Wild Wire Women Retreat Success!

It's been a very exciting and busy weekend here in Idyllwild, where the "Wild Women" gathered for three full days of workshops. I'm tempted to say three full days and nights, because this group worked until at least 2 am each and every day after class, to finish their projects! Crazy, wild women...
The etched panels bracelet pictured above are all by my four students, who learned to saw sheet metal, file and polish all the edges, use etching mordant to create wonderful patterns, measure and punch holes for their handmade figure-8 links, and create a toggle clasp. Oh, we also dipped them in liver of sulfur and polished them again.
That was a very full day! The bracelet pictured above is my sample; it started out as an etched cuff and I later turned it into a linked bracelet that I just love to wear.
Pictured above you can see my students, all busy in the workshop. Although everybody worked really hard this weekend, there was plenty of laughter too.
Tessa made the gorgeous linked sampler necklace pictured above, and the bracelet featuring ceramic beads given to her by a good friend. We all admired Tessa's creations!
I didn't make much this weekend myself, but I do love the keychain pictured below that I made with some of my wrapped wire samples.
Here's Susan, concentrating hard:
And here is her finished Ethnic Coin Necklace, a sample of which is also featured on my DVD, Ethnic Style Jewelry Workshop:
Don't you just love this gorgeous charm bracelet that Ania made? She's a brain surgeon, by the way. For real.
Sometimes we took breaks for meals... here we are at lunch on the first day:
Nonstop laughter:
Here's a photo of Nancy's gorgeous Ethnic Coin bracelet:
And Nancy's wire charm bracelet, which came out gorgeous:
Our mascot, Sparkle, kept us company in the studio:
This is Ania's wire wrapped bracelet:
And Ania's Ethnic Coin Necklace:
We also altered pennies for earrings. Here's my sample pair:
And Ania's earrings:
This was one of the most dedicated and hardworking group of women I've ever had the privilege to teach. Fun-loving, too! I never heard so much laughter in one weekend. Together we made lots of  jewelry using wire, sheet metal, coins, beads, etchant, and copper pipe from the hardware store. We ate lots of delicious food and drank waaaay too much coffee (not to mention Campari & tangerine juice in the evening), worked into the wee hours (one night, I kid you not, the girls were up until 3 am!) and enjoyed the beautiful weather that Idyllwild enjoys year-round.
I have several more Wild Wire Women retreats scheduled through the spring of next year. If you'd like more information on my retreats, click here.
Here's the schedule:
Dec. 13-17, 2012
Jan. 10-14, 2013
Feb. 7-11, 2013
Feb. 21-25, 2013
March 21-25, 2013
April 4-8, 2013
April 18-22, 2013
May 2-6, 2013
May 16-20, 2013
I hope to meet you one day in Idyllwild!
Happy wrapping,

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