Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Porcelain Artist Book

I love making little arty things like jewelry... and artist books. Last week as I was playing with my new porcelain pendants, I thought, why not shake things up a bit and use a couple of them as book covers instead of jewelry pieces?
And that's how I came to create this little book with hand-painted pages just 2˝x2˝, a fun binding technique using waxed linen thread, and an assortment of beads (naturally, I have lots of those!).
I think it came out really cute! Best of all... opens up flat, making it easy to add collage and journal entries to the painted pages. Not that you'd have room to say much! But I like it anyway. It's a book, it's a little miniature work of art, and it's my very own. I think I might make some more...

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