Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Classes at Brea Bead Works!

Next Spring, I'll be teaching a couple of new classes at Brea Bead Works, one of the biggest bead stores in southern California and my personal favorite (it's located across the street from the Brea Mall).
I love teaching for storeowners Wendy and Scott, because they take really good care of their customers and they provide spacious, well lit classrooms for teaching. Trust me, not everybody does that! Their workshops are also limited to 10 students, a real value.
We haven't chosen dates yet, but I'll post them as soon as they're set. For now, I know that I'm teaching the above workshops: Worm Bead Bracelet (at the very top of this post) and my brand-new class, the Altered Penny Charm Bracelet.
These classes will take place sometime in February and March, and will cost $95 each plus materials. If you make your jewelry using copper wire, your materials will be very economical. But I must add, these bracelets look stunning in sterling!
I just received an email notification about some classes taking place at a very popular bead show. The classes were typical full-day workshops, with six hours of instruction, the amount of time it takes to make one of my bracelets pictured here. But these classes cost $195 per day, not including materials!
That's about double the cost of taking a class at BBW, and I know from experience that classes at a bead show are HUGE, with up to 25 students in a workshop. Try getting any personal attention from the teacher under those circumstances....
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