Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Altered Penny Charm Bracelet Workshop Almost Full!

My Altered Penny Charm Bracelet workshop is almost full! Tomorrow I'll be teaching this class from 10 am to 4 pm at Monica's Quilt & Bead Creations in Palm Desert. If you make your bracelet using pennies and copper wire, this just might be the least expensive bracelet you make all year!
You can use either pennies or foreign coins—or copper disks (or other shapes like squares, hearts, ovals, etc.) if you have them—and texture and distress them to your heart's content.
We'll punch holes in our metal pieces and use wire to suspend them with a fun double-spiral wrapped eye-pin link to heavy-gauge twisted wire jump rings. Add bead dangles (optional) and a simple handmade clasp, and you've got a unique bracelet!
Naturally, this design lends itself to earrings and necklaces, too. It's quite addictive, once you get started. You'll start looking at all of your leftover copper scraps with new eyes...
I believe we have room for one or two more students in tomorrow's class, so if you're free, do come and join us. Beginners are welcome; there will be plenty of time to show you how to make a wrapped eye-pin loop if you don't have this skill down pat yet.
To register, visit Monica's brand-new web site or call the store at:
If you can't make it to this class tomorrow, I am teaching it at Brea Bead Works in Brea, California (north Orange County) on February 16. To learn more, call BBW at 714-671-9976 or visit their web site.
Happy wrapping,


pattynuth said...

Will you have this course online soon?

Sharilyn Miller said...

Hi Patty,
I'm thinking about adding this project to an eBook soon. Many people have requested it, and I like to keep my readers happy!