Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Classes at Monica's this Friday-Saturday

I'm happy to be teaching several classes at Monica's Quilt & Bead Creations in Palm Desert while the season lasts, which is generally through the end of March.
This week you have an opportunity to take a couple of workshops: on Saturday, I'm offering the Colorful Tribal Necklace pictured above and on Friday I'm teaching three different earring designs during my Day of Earrings workshop. The necklace workshop includes coil-wrapping and caged beads, making your own handmade chain, wire charms, wrapped eye-pin loops, and a handmade clasp.
Both workshops take place from 10 am to about 4 pm, although I will stay longer for those who need extra help finishing up. I recommend these workshops for novices as well as intermediate wire jewelry artists because we will thoroughly cover the basics, but I also have some nice tips and tricks to share with more advanced students.
In the Day of Earrings class, we'll focus on three designs, Cleopatra's Earrings:
Squiggle-Wrap Earrings:
And finally the Winged Things Earrings:
In this workshop you can expect to learn many wire-jewelry skills that also translate into making bracelets and necklaces. We'll hammer and spiral wire, make coils and wrapped eye-pin loops, create lots of bead dangles, and make our own French-style ear hooks. It's a blast, and everyone comes away with three different pairs of earrings depending on their personal bead choices. Use gemstones, fabricated beads, lampwork, crystals or pearls in any shape or color you please!
To sign up for these workshops and obtain a supply list, visit Monica's new web site by clicking here.
Or call the store: 760-772-2400
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