Wednesday, January 9, 2013

FREE Tutorial: Measuring & Cutting Wire

Before you make any wire jewelry project, it's really important to flush-cut the wire you intend to use. This is true whether you're using sterling silver as pictured, copper, brass or bronze, gold-filled, or colored craft wire.
Flush cutters will cut one side of the wire with a nice, flat cut, but the other side of the wire will have a wedge shape on the end. This must be cut off; not to do so will mark you as an amateur jewelry artist!
To flush-cut the little wedge shape off a length of wire, place the wire in the cutter as shown in the picture above. Cover the wire end with a fingertip to keep the little bit from flying away and hitting someone or even yourself. Now you're ready to cut the wire.
Once you've flush-cut one end of the wire, place it next to a ruler and flush-cut the other end at your desired placement. Use an accurate ruler and/or measuring tape to measure your wire lengths, lining up the flat edge of your flush cutters with the measurement. Grasp the wire with the cutter, remove the ruler, and squeeze the handles. For best results, always cut your wire in the middle of the blade, where you have the most leverage.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Many more wire jewelry techniques and projects are found in my instructional DVDs and eBooks, including Arty JewelryArty Jewelry IIArty Jewelry III, and Arty Jewelry IV. I also offer day classes in jewelry stores in the Southern California area, and I teach my techniques during Wild Wire Women retreatsheld in my mountain home in Idyllwild, California.
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