Sunday, January 27, 2013

Day of Earrings Workshop Samples

I'm finally getting the samples from Friday's "Day of Earrings" class posted! We explored three different earring designs, all of them my own originals. First, the Squiggle Earrings pictured above. I like to start out with something simple and easy enough for beginners to attempt, and these earrings fit that description. They're also fun and easy to make and personalize depending on the beads you use.
Similar to my Squiggle-Wrap Bangle bracelet, featured in my eBook Arty Jewelry.
The next earring design we tackled is from Arty Jewelry IV: Winged Things Earrings. Make wire wings in any shape or size, and use them to make whimsical "insects" that dangle from your earlobes. This design is also fairly easy to make, and students enjoy shaping their insect wings and forging and texturing them afterward.
It's hard to tell in a photograph, but the Winged Thing Pendant pictured above is about three times as large as the earring dangles; it also features a large turquoise focal bead with knotless netting. Love this one; it might become part of a fun class the focuses on making different types of pendants. I made the sample pictured above during class, because my students were just whipping along without much help from me and I needed to occupy myself with something.
After lunch, we spent the afternoon making Cleopatra's Earrings (as featured in my eBook, Arty Jewelry III). This earring design appears to be simple and I won't say that it's particularly difficult to make, but it is challenging to make it quickly. We had to make 12 bead dangles on headpins, 18 chain links, two fun forged wire elements with coil-wrapped wire, and handmade earrings. To be honest, none of us completely finished this earring pair in class. It sometimes happens that a jewelry design is simply too involved to complete in the class time allotted, and must be finished at home.
So that's that: Friday's Day of Earring class at Monica's Quilt & Bead Creations was great fun, a little bit challenging, and full of creativity. I hope to see you in a workshop sometime soon; my next class at Monica's store in Palm Desert is the Green Heart of Envy necklace workshop to be held on Sunday, Feb. 3. To sign up, call the store at 760-772-2400.
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