Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bangle Workshop a HUGE Success...

I must apologize for the terrible quality of this photo, but it was taken with my iPhone under store lighting, which was not ideal for capturing the gorgeous details in the bangle bracelets my students made today during class. I had some really terrific students, full of talent and good humor as we worked our way through all the steps to making the Metallo del Fiore bangle bracelet.
Instructions for this project are available in my eBook, Arty Jewelry IV.
We started out by designing a metal motif, which we then sawed out from copper sheet using a jeweler's saw. Lots of filing and polishing followed, and then it was on to the fun part: texturing with various hammers and using a cool engraving tool to make our marks on the metal. Wendy has the engraving tools available now at Brea Bead Works, so if you need to order one (and trust me, you NEED this tool), she'd be happy to send you one.
Contact the store to purchase: 714-671-9976
After a brief break for lunch, we switched to wire; making coiled wire segments, eye-pin loops, and a handmade clasp. The bracelet goes together with a vintage button, unless you make a necklace with a pendant instead, which one of my students did! We also learned how to turn a bead into a button, and how to make a cute button using copper sheet metal and wire. So much fun...
One of my students actually cut out several layers to make a ruffled flower motif for her bracelet. Everyone made gorgeous wire clasps, and the end result was simply amazing. I'm so proud of my students at Brea Bead Works! A big WOO-HOO to you!!!
In other news, my handmade, hand-painted high-fire porcelain pendants are now available for sale at Brea Bead Works. Spend $100 on my pendants and the storeowners will give you a FREE copy of my popular instructional DVD with 2-1/2 hours of closeup instruction: Tribal Treasures Bracelet Workshop.
And, this just in: All four of my instructional DVDs are available for sale in my etsy shop. FREE shipping to USA customers! The DVDs are no longer available via but you can get them with FREE shipping via etsy.
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Shelley aka the Goddess of the Seas & Dick aka King Neptune said...


Thank you so much for this class, it was a BLAST! We all really had a lot of fun and the creativity was really flowing! I finished my clasp this morning and cut out a few motifs for future "creations." I will do the patina work this afternoon, polish and take a few pictures. Thank you!!!


Sharilyn Miller said...

I'm so glad you had fun, Shelley! I did, too. I only wish I had better pix of the final results. Next time I'm bringing a real camera to class!

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