Monday, May 6, 2013

A Memorable Wild Wire Women Retreat...

Another Wild Wire Women retreat in Idyllwild has come to an end, and it's amazing (as always) how quickly our time together has flown by! I miss my friends already. A memorable weekend for sure—in part because everyone was so incredibly prolific and made so many gorgeous jewelry pieces, but mostly due to the laughter we shared over three and a half days working in the studio together.
The champagne helped, too!
Patti Bullard (inventor of Wubbers jewelry pliers) devoted her time to making two very complex and truly stunning jewelry pieces, including the sawn & pierced and textured cuff bracelet pictured above and below:
Patti also made a beautiful enameled penny charm bracelet, which was our first project for the weekend. Here is her masterpiece:
Our weekend was made so much more fun because Patti kept us in stitches with her infectious laughter and can-do spirit. She tackles every challenge with joy and enthusiasm, and her concentrated efforts produced two stunning works of art jewelry.
Another friend, Mary Gregori, was also very successful this weekend with her projects. Pictured below you can see her enameled penny charm bracelet:
And here is Mary's colorful Biker Chick Bangle bracelet (from my DVD, Bohemian Bangles):
Mary also made a beautiful etched cuff bracelet using a fish stamp image from Fred Mullett:
And a sweet pair of earrings:
Finally, an abstract pin that Mary made in class this weekend, loosely based on a triangle/spiral pin design featured in my bestselling book, Bead on a Wire:
I was amazed and blown away by Mary's art jewelry!
Finally, my friend Susie Lane from Virginia made several stunning jewelry pieces over the weekend, using copper wire provided as part of the class fee but also adding some of her own sterling silver she brought with her. The following photo shows her spiral-based and coil-wrapped bangle bracelet, which is also stepped out in detail on my Bohemian Bangles DVD:
Susie also made a beautiful enameled penny charm bracelet accented with Celtic knot links (featured in my book, Wire Art Jewelry Workshop). The bracelet is a gift for her dearly loved sister, Dagmar:
And here's a cute pair of enameled penny earrings:
One of Susie's most stunning pieces is the etched panel bracelet she made, which took most of a day to complete. I think it was well worth the effort! I have hundreds of rubber stamp images in my collection, and Susie chose a doll image by Impress Me rubber stamps to create an etched cuff which she then cut into square panels. Because they are squares, each panel can be turned different ways and shifted about into an abstract pattern before assembly. I love Susie's bracelet, don't you?
Finally, Susie's take on the Metallo del Fiore bangle bracelet design, featuring a Czech glass button and her own design for a metal motif that frames the button:
We had such a great time together! I think the combination of uninterrupted time spent in a relaxing environment with a fully equipped studio plus lots of great food, wine and champagne makes for a successful workshop retreat. But add to that the genuinely loving and generous spirit of my students, their almost nonstop laughter amidst a serious application to learning new techniques, and you have a win-win-win weekend of Wild Wire (and metal) Women!
Here are my friends, seated (from left) Patti, Mary, and Susie!
I hope to see them again soon, perhaps during my workshop retreat to Spain next year (more on that soon!). If you would like to come out to Idyllwild for a retreat, please visit my blog here for more information. There are still lots of open dates for 2013.
I hope you'll make this year your opportunity to take part in a Wild Wire Women retreat!
Happy wrapping,


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