Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New Bead Kits Offered on Etsy!

I've just listed several brand-NEW bead kits in my etsy shop, and I wanted my blog readers to be the first to know....
In each kit I've provided three handmade stoneware pendants (sizes vary between 1-1/2˝x1-1/2˝ and 3˝x3˝), a hand-selected assembly of vintage and handmade beads that complement the pendants, and a copy of my super-popular DVD, Tribal Treasures Bracelet Workshop.
All this for $39.95 per kit, and I even provide FREE priority shipping & handling in the US. Since my DVDs retail for $29.95 each alone (and they are also available in my etsy shop), I think this is a super deal.
I haven't listed all the kits available here on the blog, but this posting shows a pretty good sampling of what's available. Each pendant is unique and one-of-a-kind, no duplicates, no push-molds! And they really are gorgeous, whether they're glazed with celadon or shino glazes, or oxide-washed and buffed with permanent metallic wax.
Each bead kit is unique, and, once sold, will never be duplicated.
I love assembling these kits for students because I know that it can be difficult paying for several strands of beads just so you can make one jewelry piece. By ordering a kit, everything you need except the wire is included, so it's a no-brainer. All the beads and pendants go together very harmoniously.
I don't include wire in my kits because there are too many options—copper, sterling silver, fine silver, gold-filled, red brass, yellow brass, colored craft wire—so I'm not even trying. But once you put some wire together and gather your jewelry making pliers and a chasing hammer, you're ready to make a gorgeous necklace or bracelet.
The DVD included in the kit provides two and a half hours of very intensive instruction, filmed closeup over my shoulder so you can see everything with perfect clarity. For more information on this DVD, please click here.
If you have any questions about my bead kits, feel free to email me. I hope you like them!
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KayzKreationz said...

Love these bead kits. Will have to check out your Etsy shop. However, I already have your DVD Tribal Bracelets, along with about 4 others and several of your books. :) Will you be selling just the bead kits alone?

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