Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New Glossy Glazed Pendants, Fresh Out of the Kiln!

As promised, I'm posting more photos of my high-fired stoneware pendants that just came out of the kiln. Glazed and fired to cone-10 in reduction, these pendants are as durable as they are beautiful. I'm really excited about this new series!
I experimented with various glaze colors this time, and I even made a few buttons.
The fun never ends with these. I don't know which part of the process I like the best: creating the pendants from stoneware clay, or painting them with glaze.
Here are a few more:
And some buttons:
The fun thing is, you never know for sure just what's going to come out of the kiln until you open it. Here are some more pendants:
Although there are similarities between my pendants, each is one-of-a-kind. I don't use push molds. I hand-stamp and texture each and every pendant individually to make each one a unique little work of art.
This might not be the most efficient way to work, but it gives me more pleasure to do it this way. I like knowing that other artists who use my pendants in their art jewelry or mixed-media arts will have something unique to include in their work.
Here's one last batch:
Whew! And that's only a sampling of some of my favorite pendants and buttons from this kiln load. I'll be putting together some bead strands with my handmade pendants to sell in my etsy store very soon. They'll be packaged with my instructional DVD, Tribal Treasures Bracelet Workshop, so that anyone who wants to learn how to make beautiful, ethnic-inspired wire jewelry will be able to do so.
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