Monday, May 20, 2013

New Stoneware Pendant Series, Fresh Out of the Kiln!

Fresh out of the kiln today, my new stoneware pendant series is an exciting addition to my hand-painted porcelain pendants! I just started photographing my newest pieces, so there will be more posts soon with more images.
All of these pendants are fired to cone-10 in a reduction kiln, which gives them extra durability and a very interesting sort of "burnt" look. Either you cherish this ethnic style or you don't... as for me, I really love it.
After firing my oxide-washed pendants to cone-10 (2381 F), I used an alundum stone to remove any rough areas, including bits of glaze that attached in tiny areas of the backside of some pieces. They are now perfectly smooth and very comfortable to wear in jewelry designs. I also buffed them with a permanent metallic bronze wax—which is very difficult to capture in photography—but it really gave these pendants a terrific pop of metallic color and brought out the beautiful textures in each one.
I purposely created each pendant with large holes for suspending on jewelry wire, leather cording, or other materials suitable for jewelry artists. The pendants also have other decorative uses for mixed-media arts, book arts, basketry, and more. So you'll be seeing some of them in my etsy store this week! Of course, I've fallen in love with a few of them and I'll reserve two or three for my own use. But the rest goes live in my store very soon. I'll keep you posted!