Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Workshop Series in Denver this June!

Well, I'm really excited to make the formal announcement that my workshop series slated for June 21-23, 2013 in Denver, Colorado, is definitely on! I'm teaching three fantastic full-day workshops for the members of the Rocky Mountain Bead Society, beginning with my super-popular Metallo del Fiore bangle bracelet (student bracelets pictured above) on Friday, June 21.
We'll spend half the day working on metal arts (sawing, filing, texturing with hammers, engraving metal), and half the day making a wire-based bangle bracelet with handmade clasp.
Tons of techniques will be shared, and this workshop results in a fabulous jewelry piece!
On Saturday we switch gears just a bit and focus on foldforming metal to make a pin like the one pictured above (made by my student, Sharon Nodelman, during a Wild Wire Women retreat), or a pendant, plus a pair of foldformed earrings.
In this workshop, you'll learn a lot about metal including sawing, filing, forming and shaping, texturing, punching, and lots of annealing and pickling with the torch.
Exciting and fun, especially for women who love to hammer and torch!
We wrap up on Sunday, June 23, with another full-day workshop focused on wire techniques. We'll learn ways to turn copper tubing beads (that we make ourselves) into ancient-looking artifacts, wrap them with wire, twist wire to make gorgeous jump rings, make wire clasps, and create a variety of different wire charms including spirals, hearts, and more.
Foreign coins, old buttons, and other found objects will be tortured with our hammers until they resemble antiques, and added to our bracelets. Ambitious students who work fast may even make a necklace instead of a bracelet...
If you'd like to participate in these workshops, you can join by contacting the Rocky Mountain Bead Society or by registering on their web site; click here.
Classes are $55 each for members or $110 each for nonmembers, so I recommend joining for a $25 fee. Membership to the RMBS has many benefits besides my workshop series, so check it out!
Students will need to bring their own tools (supply list provided to participants upon registration), but some materials will be provided. I hope to see you in Denver next month! This is the one and only time that I will be teaching outside Southern California this year.
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