Sunday, June 30, 2013

Metal Sculpture-Artist Ricardo Breceda

My friend Patti Bullard and I took a road trip today to the South Coast Winery for wine tasting and lunch. We were trying to beat the heat, by spending a few hours driving to my favorite Temecula winery and then a couple hours more in the air-conditioned restaurant, where we enjoyed some delicious salads.
Well, on the way to our destination we had to pull over and stop at the Vail Lake Resort where metal-artist extraordinaire Ricardo Breceda has a studio that is open to the public. Pictured above you can see Patti posing in front of one of Mr. Breceda's enormous metal sculptures. The photo below shows the entrance to the studio area; it kind of reminds me of Narnia:
Mr. Breceda loves dinosaurs, and he's built and sculpted a lot of them! He uses fine-gauge steel sheet in small plates which are attached to a heavy-gauge wire armature. The steel rusts over time, giving his pieces an otherworldly patina:
Here's another dinosaur:
And another one:
I love this guy; his teeth are sharp:
Not quite sure what this little guy is, but he's kinda creepy (in a good way):
Mr. Breceda also sculpts beautiful animals, like this gorgeous larger-than-life-size running horse:
Here's a group of metal animals, including a bull, horses, deer, bison, and giraffe:
Love this dragon:
El Toro:
The bison is covered with layers and layers of thinly sliced metal strips that resemble a shaggy coat of hair:
If you didn't notice in the previous picture, the bison is being attacked by a saber-toothed tiger:
A closeup of the bison's eye gives a more detailed view of the long metal coat of "hair," and even a fringe of lifelike eyelashes:
The artist also enjoys sculpting flowers and plants, like this cactus:
I love this torso! Totally WANT it:
Here's another dinosaur, prancing on a hill above Mr. Breceda's studio:
And a pair of dueling horses; very realistic, wouldn't you say?
I'm sure the artist had a lot of fun with these three amigos:
And finally, I leave you with this image of a huge T-Rex hanging off the wall in the artist's warehouse-size studio. I hope you enjoy it, if it doesn't give you nightmares!
To learn more about Mr. Breceda and his work, visit his web site here.


Judy Webber said...

Sharilyn, you should take a trip to Borrego Springs where the desert is filled with Ricardo's work, commissioned by the late Dennis Avery.

Sharilyn Miller said...

Thanks for the tip, Judy! I'll be sure to get out there to see more of his work. But I think I'll wait for the weather to cool a bit!

Michelle Gray said...

Thanks for sharing the pics of Ricardo's work. Really are amazing pcs.

Lexi Erickson said...

This looks like such a cool place to visit. I'll have to visit it time I'm out there, ' cause I love dinosaurs. I look so forward to meeting you, I've followed your work for a long time.