Monday, June 24, 2013

Teaching for the Rocky Mountain Bead Society!

I had the great honor last weekend of teaching a workshop series for the Rocky Mountain Bead Society! What a terrific group of enthusiastic women, who love beading and working with metal, wire, beads, fibers, and more to make jewelry. Everyone was so warm and welcoming, and for several days I was treated like royalty.
Pictured above you can see a bunch of us showing off our Metallo del Fiore bangle bracelets, one of my most popular classes. I think everyone was well pleased with their creations! Works-in-process are pictured below:
Here's a particularly outstanding bangle, made by Terry Evans, Program Chairperson for the RMBC and my gracious hostess throughout my stay in Denver:
Another gorgeous bangle, made by one of my students in class:
Here's another one:
I just LOVE the button on this bangle:
Here's a nice shot of a trio of bangles; we didn't have the best photography conditions to work in so we just made the best of things!
My sample bracelet is a bit creepy due to the wonderfully gothic style of the hand button I used from JHB (check out their web site here):
On Saturday, we switched gears and explored fold-forming with 24-gauge copper sheet metal:
Here's another student sample:
A whole bunch of creative foldforming was going on in class:
We also did a lot of texturing with hammers and creative "painting with fire" to turn our foldformed creations into stunning pieces:
Everyone really loved this pendant:
Here are some more samples; note that two students scratched into the liver-of-sulfur treatment on their foldformed pieces in a sgraffito style:
Still more student samples:
And more:
This gorgeous kite-shaped pin was also heat-treated to turn it a gorgeous blue-purple. Love it!
On Sunday, I taught a class using copper tubing from the hardware store to make textured ethnic-style beads, which we then turned into beautiful bracelets and necklaces. Unfortunately I didn't get any photos of those pieces to share on my blog but trust me, the ladies from Denver are TALENTED and they made some beautiful jewelry out of hardware-store finds.
I already miss the RMBC so much and want to thank them for putting on such a terrific event. Everyone was very kind and patient and cooperated beautifully together to make this workshop series a big success for everybody. A special thanks to Jan and Terry, who worked together very hard before the series began to organize the event, and later helped me get to and from the workshop venue from my hotel. I really appreciated how generous everyone was! It was one of those magical moments in life that will not be forgotten.
Happy wrapping,

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KayzKreationz said...

These are all so gorgeous. Hoping you come to Texas one of these days so I can take a class (or two, or three) :) from you.