Thursday, July 25, 2013

THANK YOU Idyllwild Fire Fighters!!!

Tonight we attended a free concert in the park in the center of Idyllwild, and a highlight of the evening took place when a group of sheriffs and firemen took the stage so we could thank them for their services. It seemed like we just couldn't applaud them enough; we stood and clapped for a very long time, cheered, shrieked, and saluted these wonderful, brave service people who risked their lives to save our town.
The "Mountain" fire made national news last week, and although it never actually touched the town of Idyllwild, for a while there it was very close. We could have lost everything, and it's a miracle that we did not. We are all extremely grateful and thankful to everyone who worked so hard to save our town!
God bless fire fighters, police, and sheriffs everywhere in our nation, who risk their lives and work so hard to keep us all safe from harm. We can never thank them enough.


Eileen said...

Everytime I saw news about the fire my thoughts were with you. Idaho has been fighting them as well. I kept checking blog etc and when I saw no updates was concerned. So thankful you and your parents are okay.

Sharilyn Miller said...

We evacuated on Wednesday of last week, and returned to our homes on Sunday afternoon. With a shift in the wind, we might have lost our town. But Idyllwild was saved, and we are all home and safe now!

KayzKreationz said...

As I watched the news I thought of you and your wonderful place. I told my hubby I hoped you were alright. I thought of e-mailing you to make sure, but knew you were probably busy with other things. So glad everyone and everything is ok.