Friday, August 23, 2013

New Pendant Sets at Mountain Beadworks!

I have some exciting news: Mountain Beadworks in Julian (about an hour's drive from San Diego) is now carrying my handmade ceramic pendants! They already carry some of my books and soon they'll also offer my DVDs, too.
Before shipping them a big box with 150 black cards with ceramic pendants attached, I thought I should take a few pix of the new items on offer and share them with you.
As you can see, most cards have two small pendants attached (they are about 1-1/2 to 1-3/4 inches square), but a few have just one large (approx. 3-inch square) pendant.
Each card retails for $15. I think that's an incredible value.
To texture my pendants, I use hand-carved rubber stamps, commercial art stamps, lace, natural items such as leaves and shells, found objects, and various texturing tools.
Each and every pendant is hand-shaped, stamped, and textured by me. There are some similarities, but each pendant is unique. There are no exact duplicates because I never use push-molds.
After bisque-firing, I hand-paint each pendant with different glaze colors and the pendants go into the kiln for a second time. They are all high-fired to full vitrification, making them very durable.
Many of the pendants in this new batch came out a toasty-cinnamon color. I painted these with a Shino glaze, expecting them to come out a sort of golden-green. But since these pendants were fired at cone-10 in a gas kiln, the glaze didn't come out exactly as planned! This is what happens when you work with ceramics. Each kiln load is a surprise.
Many of the pendants in this series were only partially glazed. This was done on purpose, because I wanted to rub them with bronze metallic waxes and buff them to a high shine, emphasizing the lovely textures.
I really enjoy making these pendants and I'd love to see what you make out of them!
Necklaces, bracelets, chokers, bangles, even earrings—you can make lots of gorgeous jewelry pieces with these pendants. Use wire, sheet metal, fibers, leather, commercial beads, and more.
Now that I have some free time, I'm going to make a few sample jewelry pieces using some of my pendants just to see how they can be used with various materials that I love. Fibers, wire and sheet metal figure high on my list! I'm looking forward to the challenge.
I also wanted to mention that Brea Bead Works in North Orange County, California, also has a fine selection of my ceramic pendants in their store. They've been hosting a trunk show for me for the last several weeks, and I sent them a new shipment of pendants a couple of weeks ago. If you find it more convenient to shop in Brea than in Julian, be sure to check them out.
On September 7, I'll be visiting Mountain Beadworks in Julian to take part in the Southern California "Bead Shop Hop," signing books and DVDs, and meeting the customers who frequent this wonderful bead store in the mountains. Oh, and of course I must take time out to sample some of the famously delicious Julian apple pie!
I'll be in the store at about 11 am on Sept. 7 (Saturday), so if you have time to come by please do. I'd love to meet you and see your jewelry, and sign your books!
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