Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New "Tibetan Treasures" Bracelet in my Etsy Shop!

New in my etsy shop: A gorgeous Tibetan Treasures bracelet with a big naga-shell focal bead (made in India), turquoise beads, coral beads, a 1-Frank coin, handmade Celtic knot links and big silver leaf charm, and a handmade silver hook clasp.
This is a big, bold bracelet. It measures 9-1/2 inches in length and the beads used are big and chunky! To make it shorter, simply remove some of the links.
I love the hook clasp on this bracelet. I enjoyed shaping it with 14-gauge sterling silver wire and beating it up with three different texturing hammers. Love it!
Like all of my jewelry in my etsy shop, this bracelet is one-of-a-kind. I can made similar bracelets, but no two will ever be identical due to the rarity of the beads and coins I use. Included in this bracelet: a gorgeous (and now rare) authentic Tibetan turquoise bead embellished with brass filigree and red coral chips, naga-shell beads, chunky turquoise and red coral beads, Thai silver bead caps, and an old French coin dated 1938.
Note: I never use silver-filled wire in my jewelry. The wire I used in this bracelet is solid sterling silver. And guess what? With the purchase of this bracelet, I will include a FREE copy of my Tribal Treasures Bracelet Workshop DVD.
Here's the link to this bracelet in my shop: Tibetan Treasures.


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