Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sept. 26-30 Wild Wire Women Retreat: Happy Sunday!

Another wonderful Wild Wire Women retreat has come to an end, and, as usual, I'm really sad! I'm so incredibly proud of my students—not only of their talent, but of their persistence and willingness to keep working hard for hours every day learning new techniques and pressing through frustration to reach victory. I'm really going to miss them. I'm happy for them, but I'm sad to see them go!
Sparkle will miss Anne and C.J., too! She's our studio mascot. Our pounding hammers may send her scooting out of the room sometimes, but she always comes back to join us a little later.
I really enjoyed getting to know Anne. What a terrific gal, with a willing attitude and an unforgettable smile:
And C.J., who is so kind and patient, creative, hard working, and focused. She inspires me:
OK, Sparkle, that's enough flirting...
Back to Anne, who is busily polishing her gorgeous foldformed jewelry pieces. This is the less-than-glamorous side of jewelry making: artificially aging the metal in liver of sulfur, and then polishing it for hours to bring up the shine:
C.J. said she was really glad I had nitrile gloves to share with my students. Me, too!
The necklace pictured below is one of Anne's almost-finished pieces. She used one of my hand-painted porcelain pendants, enameled discs she made yesterday, wrapped and textured copper tubing bead connectors she made today, worm beads made with twisted fine-gauge wire, twisted wire jump rings, wire charms, and bead dangles. Anne fell in love with torch enameling and wireworking this weekend:
Meanwhile, Rosie (Sparkle's daughter) was snuggling up in C.J.'s bed! Naughty girl:
Here's a finished necklace made by C.J., featuring textured copper discs, altered copper tubing beads, twisted wire worm beads, bead dangles, figure-8 links, and handmade jump rings and charms:
Finally, some of Anne's copper discs altered with various texturing tools and wire-wrapped in preparation for a piece of jewelry. Anne loved using those hammers, as I guess anyone can tell:
What a fun weekend! I'm very sorry to see it come to an end. I'm really proud of my students for working so hard and applying their creativity to every task, and I know that they will return home with many new wireworking and metalsmithing techniques in-hand. I look forward to seeing the jewelry that they make in the future (they've both promised to send me pix), and watching their artistic development.
I have a few more Wild Wire Women retreats scheduled for the remainder of 2013; for more information, click here.
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