Saturday, September 14, 2013

Wild Wire Women Retreat: Sept. 26-30 Workshops Chosen

Our workshops have been chosen! My three retreat participants coming out to Idyllwild for a Wild Wire Women retreat on Sept. 26-30 have chosen some very ambitious (but doable) projects to complete in the three full days we have together.
First up: Fold-forming sheet metal to make a simple pair of earrings or a pendant or pin. The pin pictured above was made last year during a retreat by my Canadian student Sharon Nodelman. We'll have time to learn how metal works when heated, how to quench and pickle it with a non-toxic acid, and (best of all) how to make metal move using a variety of different hammers and texturing tools.
After lunch we'll tackle earrings. I'm not sure which style my students are most interested in learning, but we'll have time to make one or two different pair and I hope we can all wear our new creations when we go out for dinner on Friday night. That would be fun. Margaritas, here we come!
On Saturday we have a lot to accomplish. First, worm beads. We won't have time to make a complex bracelet like the one pictured below, but we will be able to make a couple of worm beads that can be used in a pair of earrings or some other project.
What we're all looking forward to on Saturday is torch enameling! We're going to explore as many possibilities as possible in one day, and I'm sure we'll go through at least two canisters of mapp gas. We will torch enamel headpins, caged beads, iron filigree beads, and copper disks or pennies.
We'll make lots of enameled components for use in tomorrow's final workshop. The great thing is, my students don't have to bring anything for this class because I provide all the copper wire and sheet metal they need, plus enamels, torch, safety equipment, etc. So we're going to have a fun, stress-free day. Dinner out again, this time maybe we'll order a pizza and have some good wine with that.
Our final day includes the combination of two workshops: the copper tubing mixed-media bracelet pictured below, and altered pennies workshop.
The plan is to make components from both workshops, including handmade wire charms and a clasp, and then put everything together in one gorgeous piece of jewelry. Perhaps a bracelet, maybe a necklace... we don't have to decide just yet.
We'll be punching old coins, texturing metal, twisting heavy-gauge wire, texturing copper tubing, making lots of charms, and using our enameled components in our final design. Fun!
The workshops conclude Sunday night with a jewelry photography session using my EZ Cube and photographic lights. We'll say our goodbyes on Monday morning after breakfast. What a weekend!
If these classes sound great to you, why don't you join us? We have room for three more ladies to join our Wild Wire Women retreat. You don't have to bring much other than your clothing for a weekend and a few beads to use in your jewelry. I supply everything else, including wire, metal, enamels, and the use of my tools.
For more information, visit my WWW blog.
Otherwise, you can watch our progress Sept. 27-30 as we post our finished pieces. I'm super excited about our weekend and can't wait to see what my students make. Stay tuned!
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