Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New Jewelry in My Etsy Store!

I just added some funky jewelry to my etsy store and thought I'd share a few pix. First up, my new series of "Scrappy Earrings" is a fun departure from my usual emphasis on perfect-as-possible metalsmithing technique.
These shabby, textured copper earrings (with sterling silver ear wires) came out really cute and they're super lightweight and easy to wear. You can find them in my shop... along with a few new Celtic Knot bracelets (pictured below) made with lightweight resin beads, solid copper wire, and copper bead caps that I made from textured sheet metal and dapped to fit each bead. LOTS of fun to make, and I love the results!
Remember my foldformed earrings from my last Wild Wire Women retreat? They're now available for sale. One of a kind, lightweight copper foldformed and textured earrings with charming bead dangles suspended from copper ear wires, super cute:
Here's another bracelet for sale, this one made with aqua-green resin beads:
I have lots of unique, handmade jewelry in my etsy store nowadays, and I'll be adding more as time permits. I love making jewelry and I especially enjoy hearing from customers who appreciate the artistry and hard work that goes into each lovingly made piece.
Prices range from $35 to $55 in general, with a couple of high-end pieces still priced under $200. Higher prices simply reflect the use of expensive handmade beads and solid sterling silver wire, and much more time and artistry required to make each piece.


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