Sunday, November 24, 2013

New Bracelets in my Shop

Since my last Wild Wire Women retreat of the 2013 season wrapped up a couple of weekends ago, I've been super-busy making things to sell in my shop. And I've been making some new porcelain buttons, too, but those aren't ready to show yet!
So I decided to make a bunch of bracelets using some of my favorite resin beads and handmade textured copper bead caps, linking them with Celtic knot links and a simple handmade hook clasp. Pictured above, you can see one of my bracelets in one of very favorite colors, a cool gray that matches up with anything and everything I wear.
Pictured below, another Celtic knot bracelet with deep-purple and dark-orange resin beads:
Just to make things interesting, I created this fun bracelet featuring three handmade porcelain beads with dark-brown and mossy-green glaze. It's heavier than the resin-bead bracelets, but it's a fun item to wear with fall and winter clothes:
Another resin-bead bracelet with hand-textured copper bead caps, this one has yellow-orange beads that resemble amber:
And finally, a fun color combination of pale gray, deep-purple and brilliant orange, this bracelet is lightweight and drapes beautifully on the wrist:
You can find all of my new bracelets, all four of my instructional DVDs, and some pretty porcelain pendants and bead kits in my etsy store. I've already sold a dozen resin-bead bracelets to friends in just the last couple of weeks, so if you see something that catches your eye, be sure to snap it up before someone else does!
Happy Thanksgiving to all,

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