Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Step by Step Wire Jewelry: My Project Featured on Page 20!

I was so happy to receive my eMagazine on my app today: the December/January 2014 issue of Step by Step Wire Jewelry features my "Stacked Hearts" pendant on page 20! What made this project particularly fun was using fine silver wire to fuse and shape, forge, texture, and fuse again to make a bold wire pendant.
Why is it purple and golden-brown? Because I dipped the finished pendant in cool liver of sulfur, then rinsed in water and dipped again, repeating until the fine silver metal had turned these gorgeous colors. Another option is to simply leave the silver as-is. Fine silver has a naturally bright, shiny surface that won't tarnish easily, but I enjoy altering the metal with LOS, one of my favorite patinas. It's very difficult to get the same effect on sterling silver, perhaps because sterling is 92.5 percent silver mixed with 7.5 percent copper and other metals.
I hope you enjoy my project! You can pick up the latest issue of Step by Step Wire Jewelry in most bead stores or online by clicking here.
Happy wrapping (and fusing),


Sharon Driscoll said...

Beautiful work and congrats on the publication. I always enjoyed my classes with you and when everyone asks why I my pieces looked so "finished" I tell them Sharilyn taught me!

Sharilyn Miller said...

Thank you, Sharon! I'm glad you enjoyed the project, and I'm really happy to hear that your jewelry looks finished! Soooo important...

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