Friday, January 3, 2014

Dad's 93rd Birthday!

No, that's not a forest fire you see—just a picture of Dad's chocolate-chocolate-chocolate cake with a blaze of candles signaling his 93rd birthday! My friend Joy (another chocolaholic) is shown holding the cake for Dad so he can more easily blow out the fire.
Oftentimes at this time of year you hear of folks making new resolutions to diet, get out of debt, etc. or setting goals to blog more (or less), run a marathon, spend more time with the kids/make more art/travel more/volunteer, etc. I usually set some new goals myself, but I also like to spend this special time reflecting on the things I'm most grateful for.
My family comes first, and I'm so blessed to have both parents with me still—Mom just turned 81, and you know how old my dad is—which I never take for granted. I'm also grateful that we are all enjoying good health, that we live in such a beautiful place in the mountains, that we have time and energy to pursue our interests, and that we always have opportunities to love and serve others. I'm grateful for my friends. I'm also grateful for my students, who never fail to inspire me!
Here's to a terrific new year, full of new opportunities to be creative, to love others, and to grow.
Happy 2014!

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