Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April Snow

While the eastern half of North America has been in a deep freeze thanks to a polar vortex, Southern California has been experiencing a warmer-than-average "winter" that feels a lot more like spring. Our temps have been in the low to mid-60s each day, not bad for January through March!
Here in Idyllwild at 5,000 to 6,000 feel elevation, our lilacs and flowering plum trees started budding in January and leafing out by early February. We got a few rain storms, but very little snow. In fact, unless you could hike up to the peaks at around 7,000 feet (way above the town), you couldn't find enough to make a snowball! That all changed today.
Here it is, April 2, and technically spring (according to the calendar), and we finally, finally got some snow! About a quarter of an inch at my house. Enough to make everything pretty, and cover my lilacs with a gentle layer of icy goodness. Pictured below, a lilac snowball that looks good enough to eat:
And here's an adorable little quail, standing sentry while his flock scratches the earth in search of sustenance (I spread out seed for them):
Manzanita looks particularly pretty in snow. I love the twisty red-brown branches and soft, olive-green leaves:
By the afternoon, most of our lovely snow was gone. But at least I have some pictures to prove it really did snow here in Idyllwild this year. If not in winter, at least we had some lovely April snow.

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