Tuesday, April 15, 2014

New Spring Lilacs!

We've been enjoying springtime around here in Idyllwild since mid-January, with gorgeous sun-filled days and cool, crisp nights with stars so bright they appear to be just beyond your grasp. In April, full-time residents up here like to spruce up our gardens with new plantings, and this year I've certainly been taking part in that tradition!
A few weeks ago, I planted six new lilac trees (or are they shrubs?) in a shady area in front of my house that could best be described as shabby and forlorn. Well, not anymore! With names like Spokane, Pol Robison, and Declaration, my new trees/shrubs are now the prettiest focal point of my entire property. And they smell divine!
I love living in the mountains with a home situated right on the edge of the National Forest. But with the lovely views come some disadvantages—namely, mule deer who love to wander up and down my driveway browsing on all my expensive plants. So up until now, I haven't done much landscaping. In one night, you can literally lose thousands of dollars worth of trees and flowers. And forget vegetable gardening! That's just asking for it. I'd given up on trying to brighten up my yard with anything colorful or delicious.
But recently I gave it some thought and decided to take a chance by landscaping a small area directly in front of my house, next to a steep outside stairway that no deer in its right mind would dare to clamber up or down. Or so I'm hoping... time will tell.
In the meantime, I thought I'd snap a few photos this morning with my iPhone 5 and post them here so you can enjoy them. I have six trees now and they're just starting to bloom. They'll continue this way for a few more weeks, and then it will be time to "dead-head" the spent blooms and wait for new ones to appear next year. By the time my Wild Wire Women retreats begin in September, there won't be any flowers left.
But autumn has its own charms, and I'm already looking forward to getting past the hot summer months and into that season when the acorns litter my decks and the squirrels are busily gathering in their harvest, when the days are warm and breezy, and the nights are cool and cozy.
For now, enjoy my new crop of lilacs! If I get some more gorgeous ones I'll post pix of them in the coming weeks. And if you're interested in coming out for a jewelry making retreat, please contact me soon. My dates are posted to the right, and also on my other blog: Wild Wire Women.
Smelling the lilacs,

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