Wednesday, May 28, 2014

More Porcelain Buttons: Diamonds & Skulls

As promised in my previous post (on Starfish Buttons!), here are some more images from my latest batch of buttons "hot out of the kiln." Rustic diamonds, pale textured posies, and more...
Love these blood-red diamonds:
And ochre, which would look so beautiful on a hand-knit scarf or poncho:
Love the blue diamonds, too:
And skulls! Yes, I made several, and soon they will find a place in a yarn shop near you...
Indigo-blue diamonds are gorgeous, too:
These mottled gray diamonds with hints of rusty brown are probably my very favorites:
More blue diamonds; love these:
To finish, I made some more jar frogs. Lots of friends asked me to make them some once they saw my flower arrangements at home. Jar frogs are super-easy to work with, and I especially enjoy using them to hold up thick-stemmed flowers like sunflowers and gladiolas.
I hope you've enjoyed the latest unveiling! If you'd like to purchase my buttons in your local yarn shop, just ask the storeowner to talk to her local yarn sales rep about stocking them. It would be terrific to see how artists are using my buttons in their handmade art and craft items, so I hope you'll send me photos of your creations!
Have a great week,

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