Tuesday, May 27, 2014

NEW: Porcelain Starfish Buttons!

Super EXCITED today to unveil some of the results from my very first kiln-firing with my brand-new Skutt kiln! Since my ceramics business is expanding, with more and more yarn stores across the US stocking my handmade porcelain buttons, I decided to invest in a state-of-the-art kiln with computerized controls, which makes for more consistent results when firing stoneware and porcelain.
The starfish buttons pictured here are just a tiny sampling of the many, many buttons in different sizes, shapes, colors and designs that will soon become available to knitting and crocheting enthusiasts! As soon as I get them all attached to cards and shipped out to my sales reps, I'm sure that many stores will snap them up for their customers.
At approximately 3-1/2 inches in diameter, these buttons are HUGE! But they're so cool.
Perfect for embellishing mixed-media art, handmade baskets, large handbags or tote bags, big bulky scarves, or wooly ponchos!
I'll post more photos tomorrow; I've got lots and lots of buttons from my first kiln-load. Yarn and quilt stores from California to Florida are now stocking my handmade buttons, and I'm adding more new stores every week. I've listed my yarn stores on the right of this page with links to their web sites.
Have a wonderfully awesome day, everybody!


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