Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Starfish Buttons Now In My Etsy Store!

So I have some good news and some bad news. Since I always like hearing the bad news first, I'll start with that: My sale on porcelain buttons in my etsy store is now officially over.
I was running a special throughout the month of May, with sets of three medium-size porcelain buttons for $18 per set. A couple of folks took advantage of the sale, but it's now June, so I've taken out the buttons that were left in my etsy store. I'm getting ready to send them to my sales reps so they can take them to various yarn stores across the US.
But here's some good news: For a limited time, I'm offering my large (nearly 4 inches in diameter) handmade starfish buttons for sale in my etsy store. They are $18 each, and are offered in several stunning glaze colors.
Smoky gray-blue, deep blood-red, pale sky-blue, mossy green-black, yellow ochre, and deep lapis-blue. Yummy!
These buttons are big and bold, more suitable for embellishing than buttoning your handmade art-to-wear, mixed-media art, basketry, or other handmade arts and crafts. They are made from smooth white porcelain, high-fired to over 2200 degrees. I used gorgeous unleaded glazes that came out quite beautiful in my latest kiln batch. The backsides are smooth, unglazed, and polished to avoid snagging on fabrics. The holes are also smooth and unlikely to fray your thread. I do suggest using a strong yarn or thread to attach these buttons because they're a bit heavy.
You can see how big they are:

Monday, June 2, 2014

I (Heart) Buttons!

Since it's a Monday and I love heart-shaped buttons, I thought I'd share some of my newest creations with you! Pictured above: Some of my favorites in a wonderful blueish-greenish gray that's hard to describe, but I love it. (All of the buttons in this post are quite large, from 1-1/2 inches to 3 inches in diameter.)
Pictured below: some of my new favorites; these are not glazed but hand-painted with dark matte pigments and sponged off to reveal the delicious texture. I'm actually keeping the heart on the left because it's my absolute fave; but don't worry, I will make several more in a similar appearance very soon!
Love these turquoise-blue hearts. The color reminds me of Lake Como, one of my favorite vacation spots of all-time:
Ochre! If you love this rustic yellow-brown color, you're just like me. These buttons would look fabulous on a hand-knit bag, jacket, poncho or wrap knit up in Autumn colors!
More yummy blueish-greenish gray hearts:
And blood-red! Perfectly appropriate for hearts, wouldn't you say?
More turquoise:
These four were a bit of an experiment with layered glazes. Don't ask me which ones! I like the mottled colors, which were quite unexpected. Looks like lichen...
And celadon-green, mmmm. Pretty for handmade spring and summer art-to-wear. Soon I'll be packaging these up and sending them out to my sales reps, who will offer them to yarn stores across the US from California to Georgia and several states between! I'm always adding my button collections to new stores, so be sure to ask your favorite yarn storeowner to stock them.
Welcoming my two newest stores to take on Sharilyn Miller Designer Buttons:
Cast On Cottage (Roswell, GA): 770-998-3483
The Whole Nine Yarns (Woodstock, GA): 678-494-5242
Here's to a terrific summer, everybody!