Saturday, July 19, 2014

Three New Yarn Stores in Florida!

Lots of new yarn stores are popping up all over the country these days; perhaps this is a sign of economic recovery for the USA? I sure hope so! I wouldn't even know about this trend if I wasn't making ceramic buttons specifically for the fiber- and fabric-arts market and artists who love working with their hands. What better way to embellish a special hand-knit, -sewn, or -crocheted garment than with a one-of-a-kind handmade button? I'm thrilled to be making art for artists!
Just recently three new yarn stores in Florida picked up some of my buttons so I thought I'd give them a bit of promotion here. If you live in these areas or plan to vacation in Florida soon, drop by and say hi to the owners. I'm sure they'd love to welcome you into their shops:
Criativity Ranch (yes, I spelled it right!)
A retail store and artist's studio near downtown Largo, Florida. No web site yet, but here's a link to their Facebook page:
They offer artisan-made clothing, jewelry, yarns/fibers, kits, and more. They weave, too!
Looks like a cool store in Dunedin, Florida. No web site, but here's a link to their Facebook page:
They offer classes in their studio and it looks like a great selection of colorful yarns.
This shop is located in St. Petersburg, Florida. Here's a link to their site: Stash.
Barely a month old, this shop also offers nightly knitting and classes. It's always super exciting to visit a brand-new shop for the first time, especially when it's locally owned by real people that you can talk to and be heard (unlike the big-name craft-store chains!). I hope you'll visit soon.
And hey, tell them Sharilyn sent you!
Happy crafting,