Monday, September 21, 2015

NEW Online Class Launches Today!

My brand-NEW online workshop, Big & Bold Wire Jewelry, just launched on moments ago! We are now live and ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work! Fortunately, it's all fun... and lots of it. We'll be exploring several options available for working with heavy gauges of wire to make beautiful jewelry.
We also have a contest winner, who has been notified. Thank you to everyone who entered the contest! I'm so thrilled that so many people have already signed up for the course and I can't wait to meet you all online.
Note: This is an intermediate-level wire workshop, so if you need a beginner's class please look for one on before signing up for my class. Some basic knowledge of wire-working and wire-wrapping is required to take my class, because there wasn't sufficient time to go over the beginner-basics. The good news is, several other jewelry instructors offer a foundation in wire working. You'll find plenty of options to get you started in this wonderful art form!
Once you've mastered some basic techniques, I hope you'll join me in my class because we do get to explore some really fun techniques using heavy wire gauges to make big, bold jewelry pieces. I suppose I should clarify what I believe to be "heavy" gauge wire... The distinction is somewhat arbitrary and will differ from one wire artist to another, so here's how I break it down:
Fine-gauge wire: 18, 20, 22, 24, etc. down to 30
Medium-gauge wire: 16
Heavy-gauge wire: 14, 12, 10, 8, and so on
In class we'll make limited use of fine-gauge wire (for ear wires, wire coiling, bead dangles, etc.). We will be using lots of heavier gauges, especially 14 and 12. I'm going to show you some techniques for making bold focal pieces, clasps, big jump ring rosettes, and more.
My favorite portion of the video lessons comes in the latter half of the class, when we start fusing fine-silver (99.9 percent pure silver) wire to make rings, which we'll then shape, forge and texture to make beautiful links. If you've ever wanted to try out this technique, you'll find it's very easy to do at home with minimal supplies and tools. No need for solder, flux or pickle when you fuse fine silver! That's the beauty of it. And fine-silver jewelry is just gorgeous!!! I guess you can tell I'm a bit fanatical about it.
So, I hope to see you all in class and please do post your comments and questions so we can interact personally on the platform. This is what makes classes so valuable.
I'm making myself available every day for several months so that we can have questions answered, and I'm very eager to see pictures of your finished pieces as well. If you'd like critiques of your work, I promise to be both honest and gentle! We're all here to learn from one another, and I cannot wait to get started.
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