Wednesday, December 2, 2015

New eBook from Interweave: 10 Wire & Metal Jewelry Designs to Build Your Skills

I'm thrilled to have one of my favorite projects included in this brand-NEW eBook from Interweave Press. 10 Wire & Metal Jewelry Designs to Build Your Skills (whew, long title!) is a great new release, featuring wire jewelry designs from some of your favorite artists. It's just $9.95 to download, and, best of all, it's available now!
My own contribution is the "Victorian Cuff" made from knotless-netted sterling silver wire, vintage buttons, beads, and waxed linen threads. I've taught this design in several venues, and it was really popular with my students. I don't know if I myself consider it "Victorian," but it certainly is feminine and lightweight, easy to wear and very comfortable. Here's a picture of it on the cover of Step by Step Wire Jewelry magazine:
And here it is again, this time in a copper-wire version:
I loved making this bracelet! Lots of fun to wear, too; I love how the little beads dangle around my wrist. If you'd like to access the full-color step-by-step photos with detailed instructions, you will find them in Interweave's newest publication. Just click here.
In addition to my cuff bracelet tutorial, you'll also find nine more wire jewelry projects including a Cascade Necklace by Shannon Schmid, a pretty bracelet by Kate Richbourg, earring designs, necklace links, a quick tutorial on using liver of sulfur to darken your metal jewelry, more bracelets and necklaces, a couple of soldering projects, a woven cuff bracelet, and a "Delicious Donut" pendant that I cannot wait to make myself.
The artists contributing to this eBook are outstanding, and I'm honored to be included in their midst!
Happy wrapping,


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